Fahrenheit 451

On 1st of March 2018 we, the English Advanced Course ,went to the Academy of Arts in Berlin. There we watched the play "Fahrenheit 451" which was based on the novel by Ray Bradbury.

Ciara had given us a short account on the contents in her book presentation already.

The novel is about a fireman, called Guy Montag, who has the task to burn all the books he can find. Books are burned because they teach people to have their own opinion and to think for themselves, something which is not appreciated in this dystopian society.

First of all, Guy Montag obediently follows the instructions without thinking much and burns all the books. However, after meeting imaginative Clarisse, Mr Montag changes his attitude and starts to hide a few of the forbidden books at home.

The book burning explains the title of the novel since 451 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature at which books start to burn. We really liked the play because of the incredible performance of the actors. It was amazing how just four people managed to populate a play with many characters. Furthermore, we liked the coloured lights on the stage which created the perfect atmosphere in each scene. The play was not completely faithful to the novel because some scenes were left out and some changed. There were even several amusing scenes. Thus, the plot never became boring but kept our interest until the end.

Açelya Alptekin, Ciara Lewin (LK Englisch, 2.Sem)