Welcome to the GLOMUN Conference 2019!

This year´s conference will take place from 28th-30th January 2019. 

We are very happy to welcome guests from eight different European schools, i.e. from Italy (Rome, Gubbio and Catania), Spain (Barcelona), the Netherlands (Bergen op Zoom), the Czech Republic (Uhersky Brod), Switzerland (Zurich) as well as from England (London). We already want to thank the families from our school who host these students from our partner schools! Thank you!

We are also very happy to welcome students from other Berlin schools, which are Katholische Schule Salvator, Käthe-Kollwitz-Gymnasium, Romain Rolland Gymnasium, Gabriele-von-Bülow Gymnasium, Humboldt Gymnasium, John Lennon Gymnasum, Leibniz Gymnasium as well as Berlin British School.

During the three days of the conference around 200 students will slip into the roles of delegates and will be discussing the issue of “cyber security and cyber warefare. - How can we achieve peace in a globalised world?“. We are expecting heated debates that conclude with the assembly of all delegations trying to pass a joint resolution!

There are also six student-run teams that have been preparing for the conference for months: the chairing team, the admin team, the technical staff, the press team, the dvd team as well as the catering team.

We encourage everyone to join us in this conference, to watch us clashing, debating and fully comprehending how a United Nations conference actually works.

Everybody interested is welcome to watch the conference in the gym on a big screen.

You will find the schedule here.

We want to thank everybody who is working to make this conference possible!!!