On the 28th of March 2018, Cecile Schuster, Anna Poeggler, Christoph Kirchherr and myself, Janek Uhlich, went to the University of Applied Sciences Europe in order to debate against 12 schools in the Debating Matters Championship. Even though our school has taken part in this debating championship for the second time, for our team the format was completely new.

The Debating Matters Championship is a debating format where teams consisting of two members, who represent their schools, argue for or against a currently relevant motion and try to convince the judges. Each debate starts with opening speeches from each student and continues with a segment, where the judges ask each team questions. After the teams answer these questions to their best ability, the audience can ask their questions. Afterwards, the teams are allowed to ask the opposing team a single question and sum up their position in a closing speech. After roughly an hour of debating and answering questions, the judges decide which team was more convincing and therefore won the debate. After the first round of debates, the four schools, which won the most debates, advance to the semi-finals and compete for a spot in the finals. 

This year, in the first rounds Cecile Schuster and Anna Poeggler formed the first team and debated for the motion that “Medical record sharing should be welcomed and not feared”. In the second round Christoph Kirchherr and Janek Uhlich debated against the motion that “Monuments to controversial historical figures should remain”.

Because both teams won their debates against Humboldt Gymnasium Tegel and Willi-Graf-Gymnasium Steglitz, our school advanced to the semi-finals which means that we are among the 4 best teams.

In the semi-finals Christoph and Janek debated for the motion that the “Universal basic income is not a solution to our social and economic problems”. This time the proposing team won the semi-final debate. Nevertheless, the Debating Matters Championship improved our public speaking and debating skills and we enjoyed the day very much.


Many thanks to Mrs Beppler-Spahl who together with the London team organized the Debating Matters Championship. It has been a great privilege to be one of the few schools being able to take part in the contest. We are looking forward to next year´s Debating Matters Championship!


Janek Uhlich, 11. Jahrgang/ M.Brehm